In the light of coronavirus outbreak, it is crucial to take every precaution to keep us all safe.

I wanted to reach out to you on how I plan on handling face-2-face PTE / IELTS lessons for the foreseeable future. I implement a thorough clean between each student to keep on top of hygiene. Because of a limited number of sessions, I can comfortably meet the Health and Safety criteria. The risk of contracting any viruses is deficient as a sole operator working from home.

However, to reassure you that I am committed to do anything necessary to protect each other, I am asking you to please accept the changes that are now in place for all of the face-2-face lessons until further notice.

I am committed to doing my very best to safely continue to provide IELTS / PTE tutoring services for as long as possible, and I appreciate your support in this challenging time.
Here is a reminder of safety measures and the new procedures in place:

•    please remove your shoes at the front door

•    you will be asked to wash your hands upon arrival and sanitise your hands

•    please notify me as soon as there is a suspicion that you might feel unwell. If you present yourself as unwell on the day, your lesson will be rescheduled

•    please bring your own water/coffee/snack

•    When I feel under the weather, your session will be rescheduled
If you have any concerns, please reach out directly to me and we can work through this together. Be safe. Be well. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.